MESERETI TECHNOLOGIES – a 100% disability-owned software and ancillary services company and also a subsidiary of MESERETI INTERNATIONAL.
MESERETI TECHNOLOGIES focuses on ICT enablement and value add for various services.

MESERETI is a relatively young company which was set up early 2017 but its directors have a wealth of diverse experience and expertise that makes the company more than ready to respond to client needs and provide quality services. MESERETI has been engaging both private and public sectors to provide its products and services. MESERETI is currently developing software systems and applications to add value to its current products and values. On the other hand MESERETI has been steadfastly building partnerships with companies who have specialist skills to enhance its capability and ensure quality services for its clients.

• A network of specialist companies and individuals available for small and large projects viz.:
– Tharolla Software
– Thelo Consulting
– N. Ndlovu and Associates, Sandton, Johannesburg
• Diverse skills base – technical and developmental


  • Development of software products/solutions that focus on:

1. Operations and Service Delivery Support Services viz.:
1.1. Productivity Management Support Services
1.2. Turnaround Solutions Services
2. Support for operations management in order to assist public institutions to plan, structure, execute, and continuously improve their operations for the effective and efficient delivery of public services.
3. Facilitating performance improvement of manufacturing and services industries (private, public, non-governmental) and achievement of their strategic and operational goals.

  • Research, Development and Innovation as well as Technology Transfer in the ICT industry on the above.